About us


Maverex is a team of highly experienced professionals with over twenty years of experience

Our scientists have a long track record in development of market access deliverables with experience working in pharma, consultancy and academia

With Maverex you get access to a senior consulting team who have a passion for science and quality

  • Maverex combines the expertise of economists, epidemiologists, statisticians, clinicians and academics to deliver results that have both strategic and practical applications
  • We are abreast of cutting-edge methodologies in HEOR and have wide external links including an honorary membership of a key London University
  • We leverage proven methodologies, but are recognised for our collaborative, tailored approach and flexibility in meeting our clients’ needs and developing solutions that work
  • Our goal is to help maximise launch success using rigorous evidence-based methodologies combined with scientific integrity

Our team


Maverex offers a unique blend of highly-experienced market access experts with complementing skill sets and backgrounds.

We pride ourselves on investing in our staff and cultivating a friendly and open office culture, and through this approach we have attracted a highly experienced team with a wide skill base (health economists, modellers, market access specialists, scientific editors) and unique blend of scientific skills and market access insights.

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Meet some of the team...

Sue Langham

Senior Market Access Specialist and Health Economist

20+ years as a market access specialist and health economist, including roles in consultancy, pharma (global top 5), NICE and academia

Sue has extensive experience in delivering HEOR materials to support market access and has worked across the pharma, device, diagnostic and nutraceutical industries

Her focus is on providing strategic advice and developing gold standard materials to support value

Antony Wright

Senior Digital Tools Specialist and Economic Modeller

20+ years of experience as a modeller working for market access consultancy and leading multinational companies

Antony specializes in economic modelling, for early stage business decisions and later stage market access, using a variety of software. He actively supports the drive towards open access modelling

Antony also leads a team creating digital tools to showcase value

Julia Langham

Epidemiologist and Real-World Evidence Specialist

20+ years in the field of epidemiology, health services research, public health, clinical trials and observational research, with a dual role in consultancy and academia

Her focus is on systematic reviews, meta-analyses, network meta-analyses, protocols for observational studies, analysis of European RWE database analyses, including CPRD

In addition, Julia is a lecturer at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine Department of Medical Statistics

Lizzie Adkins

Senior Communications Specialist

After 10+ years in life sciences, Lizzie is highly accomplished at developing and delivering value communication materials to support market access

She leads the value communication team developing bespoke, evidence-based, stakeholder-relevant, visually impactful and user-friendly GVDs, digital eGVDs and Payer Value Platforms

Lizzie also supports the preparation of HTA submission dossiers and materials for advisory boards, international congresses, and expert panels

Nick Pooley

Senior Life Sciences Research Analyst

Nick leads the systematic review team and focuses on gold standard systematic reviews and meta-analyses to support value messaging, development of economic models and HTA submissions

After 10+ years in life sciences, he has an in-depth understanding of the requirements of HTA bodies and the use of both traditional and alternative statistical methods of indirect treatment comparison

He is also an expert in HTA needs for device and diagnostics and has completed the NICE meta tool training

Nina Embleton

Modeller and Programmer

Nina has a strong background in mathematics and statistics, and experience working in modelling, data science and technology

Her focus is on development of health economic models, particularly in R, and creating a secure, web-based and easy to use interactive modelling platform for use by our clients

Nina also lends her exceptional statistical knowledge to supporting the real-world evidence team and systematic review team

Lindsay Nicholson

Life Sciences Research Analyst

Over 10 years experience in life sciences, developing value communication materials for internal and external use with remarkably strong editorial skills

Her focus is on supporting the value communications team in the development of value messages and value dossiers, in addition to carrying out literature, landscaping and HA reviews

In addition, Lindsay prepares manuscripts, materials for advisory boards, international congresses, and expert panels

Zoe Marjenberg

Life Sciences Research Analyst

Over 10 years experience in life sciences, carrying out systematic and targeted literature reviews to support market access strategies, value messaging, development of economic models and HTA submissions

Extensive scientific medical writing experience across internal (e.g. HTA reviews) and external materials (e.g. manuscripts), with an eye for detail

In addition, Zoe lends her creative talents to support the development digital payer value communication tools

Track record

Please contact us if you’d like to learn more about previous projects and client feedback.

Alternatively, if you would like to hear from one of our clients about their experiences working with us we would be happy to refer you.

Our philosophy

We strive to deliver high quality, insightful, and evidence-based products, only taking on projects that fit the expertise and capacity of our team.

We take a flexible, collaborative approach to ensure we provide exceptional customer service while maintaining competitive prices.